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Wealth Management

Security and Planning


Our suitably risk-averse approach to business focuses on protecting and increasing your wealth, and is based on the following qualities.

— Finansial Stability
— Confidentiality
— Long-term approach
— Risk management

Planning — A financial map for your life

To define a financial planning and design a strategy that will help you meet your aspirations in life, we will go through several steps. These include setting up a wealth management plan that covers all financial aspects of your life (real estate, tax, succession plans and pension provisions), and assessing your risk tolerance to set up a strategic asset allocation in the short and long term.

Financial plan

A clear definition of your objectives will enable us to create a financial plan that lays out a well-defined strategic asset allocation and to make a financial map. This plan will be based on conservatve growth assumptions and a realistic assessment of your income and expenditure.


Implementing your financial plan will depend on how much you wish to be involved in the investment process. If you prefer to delegate this role to us, we will select investments from the full range of asset classes, countries and regions to create your portfolio. Whether you delegate the implementation to us or manage your own investments, you will have access to our first-class execution services and the expertise of our most senior managers and analysts.


After implementing your financial plan, we will carefully monitor your portfolio on a regular basis. You may specify the frequency and detail with which you want to receive reports, and we will review your circumstances and your investments with you each year.